Tormenta de mierda contra las tiendas de descuento

Shitstorm Against Discount Stores

Shitstorm Against Discount Stores

Dominik’s post went live in no time, garnered over 50,000 likes, and is still diligently commented on. An example: And that comes on a grill that costs 1000 euros ”.

Now him German Association for Animal Welfare switched on. “Animals are priceless, they have value. A neck steak for 1.99 euros reduces the animal to the level of garbage“Said Thomas Schröder, president of the German Association for Animal Welfare, to the newspaper” Der Westen “.

And Aldi? The discount store invokes its animal welfare program and the “Wwe act responsibly. “

How much is the life of a pig worth?

Let’s do the math: a pig weighs 100 kilos when it is slaughtered. The slaughter yield is up to 80 percent. If each part were sold for 1.99 euros, the life of the pig would not be worth 280 euros. Okay, the bill may be limping, but the problem should be clear. A pig gains a species-appropriate and appropriate life until it is slaughtered. As long as there are absolutely cheap prices in the category, it is impossible to allow animals to have a decent life.

Then: approved by the current Shitstorm. Perhaps the debate on animal welfare will reignite again. You don’t have to go vegan right away!

On the forum Mä The consumption of meat is also hotly debated today. By the way: this fruit is a great substitute for meat.