Shitstorm contra Zendaya

Shitstorm vs. Zendaya

Shitstorm vs. Zendaya

This criticism could Director James Gunn I do not understand at all and wrote on Facebook: If what defines a character is the color of his skin or hair, then the character is superficial and stupid. For me, what defines Mary Jane is that she is a hammer woman, and if an actress gets that, she fits. And besides, I think that Zendaya applies well to even the most important physical characteristics of Mary Jane: she is a tall and thin model, much more than the actresses before her.

Then he wrote: “Regardless of that, if we’re making movies based on almost entirely white heroes and minor characters from last century comics, we should get used to them being ours. reflect a diverse society. We should be open to the idea that even if we personally imagine a character differently, we will still, and most likely, be pleasantly surprised. “

What you think? Can you imagine Zendaya Coleman in the role?

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