Choque para Selena Gomez: esta mujer tuvo sexo con The Weeknd

Shock for Selena Gomez: this woman had sex with the Weeknd

Shock for Selena Gomez: this woman had sex with the Weeknd

One person present even claims to have heard what Sel whispered to his lover: I love you! – No wonder the two are said to be making more plans.

The wedding is already planned

I beg your pardon? Selena Gomez (24) and The Weeknd (26) want to get married? If in AugustBy the time The Weeknd is done with the Starboy Tour, it should already be that far away, as revealed by an insider from InTouch Weekly magazine. When asked why they are in such a hurry, he continues: “She knows The Weeknd is her soul mate. And you don’t want to wait years before you get married. “

In addition to the month of the wedding, the location should be safe: Sel and Abel supposedly want to get married in Europe. Venice, Florence, Paris and Lake Como are very popular. The celebration itself should be very small and only the closest friends and family are invited. The source even announced what Selena’s wedding dress should look like:Selena already has a wedding dress in mind. She wants something classic: white, long and tailored to show off her amazing body. He hasn’t picked a designer yet, but Versace, Giorgio Armani and Marchesa are on his top list. ”

So we’re very excited to see if the insider is right and if the newly in love couple actually says yes in August and we’ll keep you posted.

Justin Bieber talks about The Weeknd again

Justin Bieber apparently can’t help himself. Although it’s been a long time since Sel’s split, he still takes every opportunity to show what he thinks of the Weeknd. This was also the case on the night of the Grammy Awards. Instead of going to the event, fans could spontaneously ask him questions, which he responded to via Instagram Live.

A question from fans was what song Justin likes to listen to right now. His answer: “‘Starboy’ from The Weeknd.” And the next moment he starts to laugh out loud and just says they have to stop now, but after that, he found his displeasure incredibly funny. What’s next from him?

Selena Gomez and the Weeknd look like Selen’s parents

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are THE new dream couple! Now a fan page has posted a photo of the two of them looking like Selena Gomez’s parents when they were young.

How sweet! A fan modified a photo of The Weeknd and Selena Gomez along with their parents’ photo. The text for this: “When you realize that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd look like Selena’s parents when they were younger.” And we also found that the similarity definitely occurs. 😉