Shock: Kate Walsh tenía un tumor cerebral

Shock: Kate Walsh had a brain tumor

Shock: Kate Walsh had a brain tumor

Grey’s Anatomy

As the television doctor Dr. Addison Montgomery played Kate Walsh in the series “Grey’s Anatomy” said, at least often the situation where a single shock diagnosis changes the patient’s life completely. But two years ago, she received the news herself that a brain tumor was growing in her head.

What a surprise what Kate Walsh announced in an interview with “Cosmopolitan”! In 2015, the former television doctor was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a lemon. But one thing first: Fortunately, it was a benign tumor that could be completely removed.

These symptoms announced the tumor

The actress, who was last seen as Hannah Baker’s mother on the hit Netflix series “Dead Girls Don’t Lie,” recounts the worst moment of her life. It started with Kate Walsh becoming more forgetful, without finishing her sentences. Despite a few cups of coffee, she still felt tired and bruised. After her Pilates trainer noticed that her right side was hanging down and she also noticed that she kept drifting to the right while driving, for example, Kate Walsh had herself examined more closely. Then, on the MRI, the shocking discovery: a brain tumor about 2 inches long grew on his head.

“They suspected it was benign, but they didn’t know for sure until it was operated on. It was over two inches long, like a tiny lemon on my head that does a lot of damage – there was a lot of swelling and my head was stabbing. I broke my finger because I no longer had depth perception. It was crazy. The whole situation was so overwhelming and I was so relieved that something was wrong, that I wasn’t imagining it, and that my instincts were right. “

Listen to your body!

This experience is certainly one of the reasons Kate Walsh is involved in promoting the American health insurance company Cigna. Along with former “Grey’s Anatomy * * colleague Patrick Dempsey and other renowned television physicians such as Donald Faison (” Scrubs “) and Neil Patrick Harris (” Doogie Howser “), Kate Walsh is committed to ensuring that you hear their signals. . Body and can be examined when you have a feeling that something is wrong.

We are very happy that Kate Walsh is completely healed! And as you can see, if you have unexplained symptoms such as extreme tiredness and impaired depth perception, it is advisable to see a doctor too often. Listen to your body!

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