¡Pausa de tiro!  ¡Comienza la pausa GZSZ de Jörn Schlönvoigt!

Shooting pause! Jörn Schlönvoigt’s GZSZ break begins!

Shooting pause!  Jörn Schlönvoigt's GZSZ break begins!

Felipe leaves

Fans now have to do without this GZSZ veteran for some time: Jörn Schlönvoigt, who has played Philip Höfer since 2004, has taken a break, which will now be broadcast on television.

Philips life is turned upside down

It is not easy for Philip: after an argument with his great intermittent love, Laura, falls head over heels and has suffered from amnesia ever since. He can’t remember anything other than his feelings for Laura. But she’s torn, and in the meantime, she’s connected with Felix Lehmann, who accepts her for who she is and likes to intrigue with her. Although she has a thing for Philip, she is also attracted to Felix, who just suits her character better.

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Emily’s intrigue

Last week, Laura could no longer suppress her feelings for Philip. After he confesses his love, they both end up in bed. Philip would like to spend a weekend with Laura, travel with her, just forget the hustle and bustle of Berlin. But Laura is not sure if this is really good for them.

After thinking about it briefly, he agrees and sends Philip a text message saying that he is waiting for him at the train station and that he would like to travel with him too. But Philips ‘sister Emily, who is against Laura, sees the message on Philips’ cell phone and deletes it. When Laura tries to contact Philip again on the phone, Emily takes the initiative again, writing to Laura on behalf of Philips that she has changed her mind and can take her home.

Laura is disappointed. Philip, who thinks Laura is no longer in the mood for him, doesn’t know what to do next. Without further ado he decided to turn his back on Berlin and travel to New Zealand. Emily is against this trip, she believes that Philip will only flee this way. “It is also one. But before me ”, confirms Philip. Emily can’t stop him, Philip is so overwhelmed by amnesia and the relationship with Laura that he packs up his things and leaves.

Jörn Schlönvoigt’s break

Since July it is official that Jörn Schlönvoigt is taking a break because he wants to take care of his family. Because in December 2017, his wife Hanna Weig gave birth to their daughter Delia. The good news for fans: Jörn’s hiatus lasts only two months, he’s even starting to shoot again. BUT: Since the GZSZ team is filming the episodes a few weeks in advance, Jörn’s departure can only now be seen on TV.

What do you say? Do you think it’s a shame that he left a few weeks ago? Or maybe the story about his amnesia bothers you, and that’s why you’re so happy that Philip is now retiring? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.

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