Peinados cortos: ¡Nuestros 10 looks de estrellas más hermosos!

Short Hairstyles: Our 10 Most Gorgeous Star Looks!

Short Hairstyles: Our 10 Most Beautiful Star Looks!

wantedon 11/26/2013 | 18:29

Snap snap, hair out What is an unimaginable affair for some women, has brought many stars to fame. Because honestly, what were stars like Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus or Emma Watson in front of their cheerful short hair? Certainly, there are no style role models like they are today. Then the brave step is worth it and that’s why we take a look at the most beautiful short hairstyles of Hollywood stars! Let yourself be inspired.

Hairstyles that shook the hair world: We all remember the time “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson stepped onto the red carpet and stole the show from everyone. It wasn’t due to a stunning dress or even exciting makeup – no, it was her cheeky pixie cut that turned her from a former child star to a lady to be taken seriously. We will help you find out which stars still dared and which short hairstyle was convincing.

The great tortoiseshell

At the film premiere of Financial world The star of “The Great Gatsby”, Carey Mulligan, appeared with a short haircut with fringes. She combed her hair from front to back so that the long, angled bangs deftly hit the face. To add volume to the hair, she pinned ends with hair gel and let them point out. A real eye-catcher!


Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence is still very cool among short hair wearers. He does not notice the beautiful American woman, because she is more confident in herself than ever. Long sloping bangs grace the actress’s feminine pixie cut and gently caress her face! The star of The Hunger Games looks a lot older with this hairstyle.

Take Beckham, please!

Victoria Beckham charmed everyone with her legendary posh bob in 2007. This time, however, it’s about her husband David’s hairstyle, who wrote the history of hair with his famous mohawk. It was this frize who turned pop star Miley Cyrus into a model and came to Elton Johns AIDS Foundation Gala in February of this year with the typically shaved sides and the bleached and heavily gelled ends. A daring change of style with the sexy backless dress she wore that night!

Shaving is studying

At this point we want to emphasize that this, of course, is not about Britney Spears’ desperate antics. Because the shaved look can look ultra casual! Best example: singer Jessie J, who first caused excitement and then excitement with her shaved head and platinum blonde color. A beautiful head shape is essential for this look. Strong eye makeup and bright lipstick add feminine accents too! So don’t be afraid.

That would be fine!

Actress Emma Watson played the innocent student sorceress as Hermione Granger. As soon as the role was finished with the last part of the “Harry Potter” film adaptation, he dresses the sweet British woman in a pixie cut, which quickly helped her land publicity deals with big labels like Burberry. For the premiere of the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, she styled her short hair with a nice dollop of hair gel to the side and it looked just stunning.

Click on our sample photos and discover these and the rest of the short hairstyles in our top 10!

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