¿Deberían más de 4 millones de dong comprar OPPO A53?

Should more than 4 million dong buy OPPO A53?

Should more than 4 million dong buy OPPO A53?

Cheap smartphones are currently selected by many young people, especially new students. With the amount of more than 4 million VND, should you buy OPPO A53 is not the question of many young people. The following article will answer the previous question.

Should more than 4 million dong buy OPPO A53?

OPPO A53 Considered a brilliant option in the budget segment with large capacity batteries, convenient storage space for users. Is that enough to convince the new students? Let’s go to Viettel Strore to find out and find the answer.

1. Large storage capacity

Large capacity smartphone with large storage capacity is a new choice trend today. This not only helps users to store large amounts of data such as: images, videos, games … In addition, it will also help the access speed of the device to be more optimized.

OPPO A53 has large capacity internal memoryOPPO A53 has large capacity internal memory

This is also the first reason Should I buy the OPPO A53?. The device is equipped with up to 128GB of internal memory and the price is only 4,490,000 VND. While many smartphones with the same memory above are priced quite high, around 6 million VND.

2. Huge battery

OPPO A53 has a huge batteryOPPO A53 has a huge battery

For students who often have to be on campus all day, a phone with a huge battery is very necessary. OPPO A53 is the best option because it is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery. With this capacity you can use it comfortably for 1 day without having to worry about running out of battery. And yet the OPPO A53 also supports 18W fast charging, significantly reducing charging time.

3. Play League of Legends Mobile and PUBG Mobile well

OPPO A53 is equipped with a powerful configurationOPPO A53 is equipped with a powerful configuration

If the battery is terrible is the second reason Should I buy the OPPO A53? The third reason is the configuration. It is equipped with the Snapdragon 460 chip, 4GB of RAM for good performance. The A53 is also the first smartphone to use this chip, a chip produced in the 11nm process. The device fulfills all user tasks and can play well in today’s popular games like PUBG Mobile and Lien Quan Mobile.

4. The screen has a high scanning frequency.

OPPO A53's screen has a high refresh rate of 90HzOPPO A53’s screen has a high refresh rate of 90Hz

Another advantage of OPPO A53 is the screen scanning frequency. Instead of using a 30Hz or 60Hz screen like some other cheap smartphones, OPPO has equipped the A53 with a higher quality screen. With a 90Hz display, the machine offers a faster response and operations are smoother as well. In particular, when playing, users will realize this advantage.

5. The camera takes beautiful pictures

Photography is also a great advantage of OPPO A53 and it is very suitable for those who love to capture moments from everyday life or special occasions. The machine is equipped with 3 rear cameras with 13MP main sensor, 2MP macro sensor and 2MP depth sensor. With these sensors, users can take close-ups, capture sources or night shots,… Also, with the 16MP selfie camera compatible with AI, HDR technology, you will get beautiful and natural portraits. Best.

OPPO A53 camera interfaceOPPO A53 camera interface

OPPO A53 is also integrated with a fingerprint sensor on the back to help users unlock faster.


With the advantages like: buffalo battery, large scan frequency display, spacious internal memory,… OPPO A53 is a good choice for youngsters, especially new students. In addition, the camera is also one of the factors Should I buy the OPPO A53?. It will help you capture every memorable moment of your life as you enter your student life.