¿Debemos lavarnos el cabello solo una vez a la semana?

Should we wash our hair only once a week?

Should we wash our hair only once a week?

Healthy or not:

How is your hair routine? In our desired editorial office, women wash their hair approximately every other day. But how often should you wash your hair, daily, every few days, or is only once a week really enough?

It is not recommended to wash your hair permanently every day, mainly due to the surfactants and silicones found in most shampoos. Surfactants lighten important hair components, while silicones smooth the hair’s surface and make it supple. However, at some point the hair is so sealed that it can no longer absorb the care substances.

Daily washing can also dry out the scalp: as a result, even more sebum is produced and the hair becomes greasy faster. Therefore, the oily approach is the main reason why most people wash their hair so frequently, because the hair does not usually get “dirty” so much in a day that it is absolutely necessary to wash it.

Scalp oil is useless: it protects the scalp and hydrates the hair. If washed too often and too intensively, lengths and ends can dry out. Therefore, the tendency of many is to wash less frequently, also to protect hair and scalp from chemicals. On our forum, women with very long hair in particular reported that they only wash their hair once a week as everything else would be too time consuming. Also, the focus would only re-grease very slowly over time. But can this work for everyone?

Depending on the type of hair or scalp, there are recommendations on how often to wash your hair, and for some it may be enough to wash your hair just once a week:

  • Normal hair: 2 times a week
  • Fine and straight hair: every 1-2 days (often greases quickly)
  • Long hair: every 3 days
  • Short hair: daily (use mild shampoo)
  • Curly hair: Once a week (sebum spreads much more slowly on the hair)
  • Dry scalp: 1-2 times a week (use a suitable shampoo)
  • Greasy roots, dry tips: every 2 days (just massage the shampoo into the roots, apply care to the lengths and ends)

It sounds pretty useful at first. Most people cannot do without a hair wash every few days anyway to feel comfortable on their skin or to style their hair the way they want. In addition, there are always phases in life when you have to wash your hair more frequently or even daily: either during puberty, during hormonal changes or in summer because you sweat more on hot days. Otherwise, the following generally apply: The scalp can learn to reduce its sebum production a little.

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Very few people can wash their hair once a week. However, to extend the time until the next hair wash, you can try the following things:

# 1 Gently massage

Do not massage the shampoo too hard into the scalp; this only further stimulates sebum production.

# 2 Rinse well

Always rinse hair thoroughly after washing so that no residue of product remains that weighs down the hair.

# 3 cold water

At the end, you can rinse your hair with cold water: This closes the pores of the scalp so that it is less greasy and gives it shine.

# 4 pony wash

If you have bangs that get greasy quickly, it may be enough to wash them quickly over the sink.

# 5 The right shampoo

Choose a shampoo that suits the needs of your hair, whether it is fine, oily or straw-like.

# 6 proper pH

Pay attention to the pH value: the scalp value is around 5.5; this should also be the case with shampoo.

# 7 change shampoo

You can change the shampoo more often so that your hair doesn’t get used to one.

# 8 natural ingredients

Switch to a natural * shampoo without silicones, parabens or surfactants, as they can irritate the scalp. Changing can make your hair look a bit dull at first, as its structure has to get used to first. However, in the long run, you are doing something good for your hair!

# 9 Know how

If your hair is already greasy and you can’t or don’t want to wash it, the following things will help: braid it, wear a hat, blow dry the shampoo *, or stroke your hair with a comb and hairspray.

# 10 change of pace

Tips like greasing your hair only work for a long time. Instead, it makes more sense if you permanently lengthen the rate of washing your hair from half a day to a full day.

If at any time you have to wash your hair less frequently, but are concerned about taking care of your lengths and ends, you can do it with just conditioner under the roots in between.

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Of course, it is perfectly fine if you wash your hair because you are uncomfortable with it. Either because they are too greasy or because they are heavy and sticky from too many styling products. However, it doesn’t hurt to give your scalp a break and perhaps find a more comfortable washing rhythm for your hair.

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