Champú plateado contra el tinte rojo: ¿realmente ayuda?

Silver Shampoo Against Red Tint – Does It Really Help?


You really dreamed of shiny blonde hair, but now you have more orange hair after bleaching? If an unloved reddish sting has infiltrated your mane, it is not so easy to get rid of it. Silver shampoo is supposed to help against reddish, yellowish and co. We get to the bottom of the matter.

Can you remove the reddish tone from your hair with silver shampoo?

Silver shampoo is a true multipurpose weapon when it comes to removing stains from hair. The special thing about this shampoo: it contains purple pigments that envelop the hair. Since purple is the complementary color to yellow, any color cast that may emerge after fading, for example, is balanced again. Even those who want to achieve a cool ash blonde or dream of grandma hair, use silver shampoo.

Due to the violet pigments, silver shampoo is particularly suitable for compensating for a yellow tint in the hair. The complementary color to red is not violet, but green. Therefore, you should be careful of the reddish hue when using silver shampoo. If you are struggling with strong reddish discoloration, you should keep your hands away from the silver shampoo. Otherwise, a blue haze could develop, which you probably won’t like at the end of the day at least as much as the previous red hue.

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If you only have a slight red or orange tint that is even more yellowish, your chances are still pretty good and you can try silver shampoo. In principle, it is used as a normal hair wash. But be sure to adhere to the exposure time of about 5 minutes. If you are not satisfied after the first wash, you can also do a second wash or use the shampoo regularly until the desired effect occurs.

Like any other shampoo, you can buy silver shampoo at the drugstore or order it online. Depending on the filling quantity and the manufacturer, you need to calculate between 5 and 24 euros. Here you can see the long hair girl brand silver shampoo:

In fact, getting rid of a red tint is not that easy, and with a little bad luck it will only make things worse. If you are inexperienced and some of your attempts have gone wrong, it is time to see the hairdresser. Even if it costs a little more – you will get comprehensive expert advice here, and that’s worth a lot.

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If you still want to get dyed, we have some valuable tips for you in our image gallery to protect yourself from color mishaps in the future. Error number 7 is always particularly annoying!

Bottom line: the success of silver shampoo against red and orange tones depends entirely on the discoloration of your hair. It can help with a slight, more yellowish tint. If you have a deep red tint, you should prefer other mediums, otherwise a blue haze could develop. Alternatively, baking soda, for example, should help bleach hair. How did you manage to get rid of a red cast? Let us know in the comments!