Simon Cowell sobre la abstinencia de cigarrillos

Simon Cowell on cigarette abstinence

Simon Cowell on cigarette abstinence

New Years Resolution

wantedon 01/22/2012 | 14:55

You really want it: Music mogul Simon Cowell made a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking. And now a treatment for it began.

Firm Look, Firm Decision: Simon Cowell wants to quit smoking.

Simon Cowell did what I think many of us do when it strikes midnight on December 31st on January 1: he meant well. The type of resolution is not particularly original either: Simon Cowell wants to quit smoking in 2012, like many others with him. He made more than fifteen cigarettes a day. And the British film and music producer doesn’t feel like it anymore. Simon Cowell is 52, after all, and admitted to starting when he was eight.

Simon Cowell fears lung cancer

To move on with the matter and not, as is often the case with New Year’s resolutions, put it aside again no later than February, he now went to an addiction clinic in London, where he will be treated. Thanks to this help, Simon Cowell hopes to really fight addiction. It is said that friends and family have already asked him to finally quit smoking.

Rightly so: “He has been smoking since he was very young and feels that now is the time to try to quit,” a source told People. “He has no major health problems at the moment, but, as always, he is under a lot of pressure from work.” Simon Cowell must be careful, as People reported, lung cancer runs in his family. “Simon’s mother and some of his closest friends have been pushing him to quit for some time. His grandfather, Robert, was a heavy smoker who died of lung cancer. His father suffered a heart attack. Simon took a long time to think about his health. “

Apparently Simon Cowell wants to stay really strong: “Simon is a very healthy guy who has very good nutritional care. But he has made the New Year’s decision to quit, or at least to cut back a lot, “said his spokesman. Good luck!

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