Gebrannte Mandeln selber machen

Simple recipe: make roasted almonds yourself

Do you like to eat roasted almonds as much as I do? I love the smell and taste of roasted almonds in the cold season. This year I tried to do it myself for the first time. And you know what: it works so easy and it tastes just like the Christmas market. It is only important to catch the right moment in the pan. So be careful – here comes the recipe:

Bring water, sugar, salt, and cinnamon / chai kisses to a boil in a skillet – always stir!

Add the almonds and stir until the liquid has evaporated.

Make toasted almonds yourself

When there is no more liquid, the almonds turn opaque. Keep stirring and now lower the temperature of your stove.

Make toasted almonds yourself

Now you have to stir until the sugar in the almonds is liquefied again, because then the almonds caramelize. Most of the time there is a noticeable break in the pan.

Make toasted almonds yourself

Only then is the time right to distribute the almonds on a greased tray. Spread the almonds with two forks and then let them cool.

Make toasted almonds yourself

In a beautiful glass they are a perfect little kitchen gift.

Make toasted almonds yourself

I don’t know how long they last, because after 2-3 days they are usually already eaten 😉

All the best and have fun copying, Lisbeth

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