Formas sencillas de desactivar las notificaciones de aplicaciones en Android

Simple ways to turn off app notifications on Android

We can go through different things right now on the smartphones we have, like reading the news, watching, playing games, trading, etc. These activities are compatible with various applications that we can (mostly) install for free. especially if your smartphone uses the Android operating system.

But of the various advantages, we are sometimes bothered by the notifications that appear. This is especially true if the notification comes from an app that we rarely use and only sends ads. The more applications you have installed, the more notifications you will see. The battery of the smartphone you are using may also discharge.

So for this article, I will share ways How to stop / disable notifications about applications installed on your mobile phoneHere is how

1. Login first Settings Then select the section Applications / applications

2. In the next step, a list of the applications installed on your smartphone is displayed. Select application who want to disable the notification by clicking on the application

3. Last Delete the checklist or mark in the section show notifications

Once the configuration is done, the application notification will not be issued. If you want to reactivate it, do the opposite by checking the Show notifications option. These are all the easy ways to get rid of notifications from apps installed on your smartphone that we hope will be useful.