Simplemente increíble

Simply incredible

“I’m really upset at this point because I found out that my aunt’s wedding was coming up and I wasn’t invited. I have a physical disability and I walk on crutches, but I get along well. The wedding invitation to my family was only addressed to my parents and my brother. “

“My dad talked to my aunt and she said that the place was not handicap accessible and that is why she would not have invited me. If that’s the only reason: Isn’t that something I should decide for myself? Maybe I can manage there on my own. Maybe my father or my brother would help me if I had to. She excluded me because I have a disability. “

My parents told me that I had to understand that it was their wedding. and she can also decide who comes and I shouldn’t get mad and have to respect her decision. Then I told them that if she thinks I’m not good enough for her wedding, I don’t want to see her or talk to her again. But they tell me that I must continue to be a good niece and that I must respect her and be nice to her. I do not understand why? Do I have the right to be angry with her and don’t want to talk to her again?