¡La soltera Nadine y Alex están separados!

Single Nadine and Alex are separated!

Single Nadine and Alex are separated!


Oh no! Less than two months after the Bachelorette finale, in which Nadine Klein settled on her Alexander Hindersmann, Alex now officially announces their separation. And its text contains a spicy detail …

The 30-year-old fitness coach posts a photo of himself on Instagram with a super sad look. He writes:

“Dear ones! It is important to Nadine and me that they personally learn from us that we are sadly no longer a couple. In the last few days and weeks, in real life, we’ve noticed that we just dial differently on many things. Unfortunately for Nadine, this was not a sufficient basis for a relationship. Please understand that we do not want to say more about this. The only important thing to you should be that we do not part in a dispute. Sorry if you hear a little less from me in the next few days. # Brokenheart #heart #love #missyou # fight # for #a #second # opportunity # nevergiveup #motivation #mood #goals #loveyou ”

The phrase “Unfortunately for Nadine it was not a sufficient basis for a relationship” is striking, of course, along with the sad hashtags. Nadine broke up with Alex, wasn’t it friendly? In any case, his fans wish him a lot of strength for this difficult time and assure him that he will soon find a woman who will appreciate him more.

Nadine has also commented on the split, but only in her Insta story, in which she posts a similar message:

Image: Instagram / nadine.kln

Are you as sad as we are that the old bachelorette couple of your dreams broke up? Or did you already hope that the relationship would not last long? Let us know what you think in the comments below the article or on Facebook.

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