"Sissi": Netflix planea una serie de seis partes sobre la emperatriz de culto

“Sissi”: Netflix Plans Six-Part Series About The Cult Empress

"Sissi": Netflix Plans Six-Part Series About The Cult Empress

The new “The Crown”?

Do you watch all the parts of the “Sissi” trilogy every year and wish there were so much more than just three parts? Your wish should now come true! Because the streaming service Netflix is ​​now working on a “Sissi” series!

We Believe: The New “Sissi” Movie Could Be Absolutely Addictive! After all, Netflix has already shown with the Royals series “The Crown” that the streaming provider knows how to make the life and suffering of the nobility exciting and fresh. So now Netflix challenges the story of the Germans’ favorite empress.

The miniseries will be titled “The Empress” (in German: the Empress) and will initially consist of six episodes of 45 minutes each. As DWDL.de reports, the scripts were even completed and written by Katharina Eyssen, who has already worked with Netflix on “Time of Secrets.” In terms of content, it will initially be about the first months that Sissi spent as the emperor’s new wife at the Viennese court. If the series were successful, there would still be enough material from the hectic life of the Empress for a sequel. It is not yet known who will take on the role of Empress Elisabeth and when filming can begin.

Another remake of “Sissi” is planned

In addition to the Netflix series, a Sissi project is currently being planned. BBC showrunner Amy Jenkins is working on a series that is not based on Ernst Marischka’s popular 1950s films, but on the Sissi novels by author Allison Pataki. You can find out why this version might even please fans who are upset at the idea of ​​remaking the popular classic movie here:

Are you a true Sissi expert? Test your knowledge here:

Sissi test

We can also look forward to these Netflix highlights this year:

What do you think of the many new “Sissi” movies currently being planned? Are you looking forward to more TV hours with the Austrian Empress soon or do you think the story doesn’t need another TV adaptation because the Romy Schneider films were already perfect? Let us know in the comments.

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