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Sits, Staggers and Breathes – Best Workout Hairstyles

Sits, Staggers and Breathes - Best Workout Hairstyles

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It has to be practical, but still look good and not overemphasize the red tingling of the head – the ideal hairstyle for a workout. Although many women come up with some very crazy creations to make their look look very special and feminine in the gym, in the park or during competitive sports, most of them prefer to rely on tried and tested classics: the bun, the ponytail and the braided hairstyle. . Why? Because the loose strands and lightly tied braids are impractical and the classics are simply unbeatable. We will tell you how you can get even more out of the classic hairstyle in the sports sector and we will show you the most beautiful hairstyles in our image gallery.

We take a closer look at the heads of international competitive athletes. Now you will discover how easily you can spice up your classic workout hairstyle.

Ponytail that sways rhythmically

It is and will remain the most popular hairstyle for lifting sweaty weights in the gym, jogging in the park, doing yoga, and also on the head of competitive athletes – the high ponytail. Why? Firstly, because the hair is tied tightly and thus the annoying strands on the face are avoided and, secondly, because this braid sways rhythmically with each movement. Just great! To give the ponytail a different look, simply braid your elegant ponytail from the hair band to the ends or divide the ponytail into two parts, twist, so twist them, first individually and then together, to let the wiggle remain. Keep the look elegant, it is just adorned. Or you can wear colored hair ties throughout to make sure the braid is optically split multiple times and given colored highlights, just like Brazilian volleyball player Jaqueline Carvalho likes to sweat. The gold ribbons also give the simple look a feminine touch that goes well with sport.

Well knotted

The bun is also one of those hairstyles that we often come across during workouts. The bun gives the look, unlike a ponytail, volume on the head and makes the hairstyle appear less strict. For example, place the bun high on your head and knot it lightly so that one or the other strand comes out of the hairball and releases the hairstyle. Here, too, headbands are the ideal solution to make the hairstyle look less sporty and also to ensure that the hair is kept away from the face. A well settled bun also looks great during a workout. This is then tied at the neck in a similar way to undo and is enhanced a bit glamorously, for example, with a voluminous pony-quilted pony. To style the bun in a completely different way, simply tie it on the side and braid the side that the bun is not sitting on French or individual strands all the way to the knot.

Braid as much as you can

Braided hairstyles not only look very feminine and romantic, but they also hold the hair where it does not disturb during sports and prevent one or another wet sweaty area from attracting attention. The classic among braided hairstyles is the braided pony, which is extended to the ponytail. But the fully braided hair is also extremely a sight to see when exercising. For example, part your hair in the middle and French braid on both sides into two braids up to the tips of your hair. You can then twist the braided lengths together and shape them into a bun. With a loose braid in your hair up, which you can loosely put to the side, you can’t go wrong with your daily workout other than the healthy exercise itself. But it does not always have to be the braided hairstyle, simply twisting the hair and gathering it at the nape already seems much more than it really is and it can also be designed by women who are not as talented at braiding hair.

Be inspired by our image gallery with the most beautiful hairstyles of competitive athletes and gym classics for your next sports session in style.

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