Skagen con el nuevo reloj inteligente Wear OS

Skagen: this is the new Falster 3 smartwatch with Wear OS

Skagen with the new Wear OS smartwatch

Skagen accidentally showed off his Falster 3 smartwatch too early, the first details about the watch are now known through an Amazon product page.

A product page went online too early on Amazon. He showed us Skagen’s Connected Falster 3, a Google Wear OS smartwatch that has yet to be officially unveiled. Amazon and Skagen are not in much of a rush to remove the product page, it is still online and reveals the first details about the new watch. No information is available on the processor and RAM, but as our colleagues we assume the Snapdragon 3100 and hopefully 1GB of RAM.

Skagen Connected Falster 3: the steel watch is also suitable for swimmers

On Amazon, however, some details are interesting. The battery life has not improved, we are still talking about 24 hours. Of course, it depends on what the user does with their watch or how often they wear it. GPS for location recognition is built in, pulse can be measured, and the design is called “swim-proof”. So waterproof, probably 5 ATM. Additionally, the stainless steel watch has a built-in NFC module for Google Pay.

In the US, the new watch is listed on Amazon for just under $ 300 and should be available by the end of January. I expect very similar data for this with us.