La modelo flaca Isabelle está muerta

Skinny model Isabelle is dead

When she introduced her naked, emaciated body to the world in 2007, skinny model Isabelle Caro weighed just 31kg with a height of 1.64m. The then 25-year-old French woman said about the campaign that she “Make young women aware of the dangers of weight loss diets and warn them about the dictates of fashion and the devastating consequences of anorexia” would like. As has now become known, Isabelle Caro died of complications from pneumonia after a two-week stay in the hospital. Her body was too weak from the stresses of anorexia, Isabelle lost the battle against this terrible disease.

The program “America’s Next Top Model” recently caused a scandal, where the skinny Ann Ward won the last season. The winner weighs just 45kg with a height of 1.88m. We hope the shocking fate of Isabelle Caro is avoided.

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