Sky: los cánticos de los fanáticos de la lata también están previstos para la Premier League

Sky: can fans’ chants are also planned for the Premier League

Sky: can fans' chants are also planned for the Premier League

Only a few sports have resumed play and currently have no fans in the stadium. At least Sky offers an artificial sound option.

The German Bundesliga showed the world how at least the upper divisions could start playing again. As a private person, you look down the pipe, of course, but whoever has the money also has the power. Be that as it may, I am enjoying the Bundesliga as a spectator and soon the English Premier League again. Both leagues have a common problem, because there are currently no fans in the stadium. So it’s very quiet, which is really weird in the long run.

Sky offers songs from the tape upon request.

As already featured in the Bundesliga, Sky also wants to play artificial fan chants on the Premier League television broadcast. Although they are chants from real fans from previous games, they are not live and are not always 100% accurate. But in my experience, the songs on the tape are better than silence.

Sky was able to partner with Premier League partner EA Sports, which has over 20 years of experience in this area with its FIFA game.

Sky Sports – Working with EA SPORTS, FIFA created custom team-specific crowd sounds and chants to reproduce the lively atmosphere of Premier League matchups, so fans don’t miss out on the noise that accompanies the action. Viewers can choose the Sky channel to be shown with or without sound. – sky

The only annoying thing is that this sound option is only available on receivers and not on apps.

The English top league starts again on June 17, with Aston Villa against Sheffield United and Manchester City against Arsenal.