Sky Ticket: esto es nuevo en agosto

Sky Q Entertainment with Netflix from just € 18.99 per month

Sky Ticket: this is new in August

Sky Q with entertainment package and Netflix on special offer.

Beyond Christmas, Sky offers an attractive package for all fans of the series. The Sky Q and Sky Entertainment Plus package with Netflix subscription is available from € 18.99 per month. Also, there is currently no one-time activation fee, which would otherwise cost a whopping € 59. Here’s what else is included in the pack and what benefits are currently available.

All Sky and Netflix series. Only with Sky Q from a single source. Entertainment Plus, including Netflix. From € 18.99 per month

  • The latest and greatest Sky series and all Netflix content in brilliant HD, with Sky Q from a single source
  • Includes Sky Q receiver compatible with UHD
  • Only on the web: € 0 instead of € 59 activation fee
  • With Sky Q, all Sky and Netflix series from a single source
  • Stream instantly via Sky Go
  • Already a Netflix customer? Just carry your existing Netflix account and save

In addition: As an additional special, Sky is now reducing prices for all customers who want to take advantage of the offer with the permanent price guarantee. For just € 5 per month Sky customers get all HD package combinations for a constant price and can cancel monthly from month 13 onwards.