Sky Q: con estos 11 consejos, más diversión y comodidad

Sky Q gets a new remote

Sky Q: with these 11 tips, more fun and comfort

Sky Q now has a new remote control. The button layout should now be more logical and clear. Existing customers would have to fork out just under € 20 if they are interested.

Sky has improved its Q remote control, mainly several buttons have been given a new position. For existing customers, the remote control is not offered “like this”, you have to put a little less than € 20 on the table. For new customers, the scope of delivery for new receivers is initially converted step by step. The key position and color for voice inputs have fundamentally changed, and search, help, information and silence are in a row. The button for inputs, which can usually be found there on other remotes as well, has been moved to the top right.

Sky Q receives a new remote control

Sky has revised the Sky Q voice remote control and improved its ergonomics. Therefore, the Sky Q receiver can be controlled even more easily and intuitively by voice in the future. The key for the Sky Q voice control is no longer on the side, but directly in the middle of the keyboard, it is clearly visible in light blue and thus becomes the focus of the Sky Q experience. Image source is, as is common with most remote controls, on top of the new version, the mute button directly below the volume button and the help / audio / subtitle button has also been placed more centrally . The new Sky Q voice remote control can now be ordered directly from The Sky Q remote controls are gradually being replaced by the newer versions included with the Sky Q receiver.