Sky Ticket: esto es nuevo en agosto

Sky without the Champions League: reasons, rescissions, sublicenses

Sky Ticket: this is new in August

Sky has no broadcast rights to the Champions League since summer 2021, Sky would like to answer some open questions today.

This week, Sky lost the broadcast rights to the Champions League for the 2021/2022 season. A bitter disappointment to customers at first, so Sky has to fight again in a heavy headwind. But that’s the way it is today, not all providers can endlessly bid for extremely expensive broadcast rights. Even if they did, the providers would eventually pass the high prices on to their customers in the long run. More chances are that the Bundesliga will return soon with a single supplier. The money “saved” can be invested elsewhere.

“Until the very last moment of the process, we worked hard to extend UEFA Champions League rights beyond the summer of 2021. We have a financially clear and responsible view of the value of sports rights. However, in the interests of our clients, we were not prepared to go beyond the high value we place on this right. “

Sky Deutschland highlights that it will continue to work on interesting licenses. This has long been confirmed from our own point of view, namely with the return of the Premier League and Formula 1. The competition is also not investing blindly, so DAZN has left the Premier League again for the time being. . Sport seems to continue to be very important to Sky.

Sky: possible sub-licenses for the Champions League

In an FAQ section, Sky answers various questions that are of interest to customers. Among other things, it is not to be ruled out from the current perspective that Sky, DAZN and Amazon could agree to sub-licenses for the Champions League. While the other providers could offset their high costs, Sky wouldn’t leave empty-handed.

Or you can agree to an exchange of rights. In return, Sky could provide various Bundesliga content to the competition. In principle, Sky cannot make more precise statements on this today, it is simply too early for that. But I hope Sky will continue to be the main supplier to the Bundesliga.

No right of withdrawal

Anyone who does not have a contract term until the aforementioned Champions League season should also not be entitled to an extraordinary termination. You now read a lot about the threat of layoffs, but only a few clients are likely to have a subscription solely because of the Champions League.

“Sky still owns the broadcasting rights for the UEFA Champions League and shows them in the highest usual quality. This gives our clients more than 1.5 years of planning security. At present, therefore, there is no reason for termination and no special termination right ”.


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