"Doctor sueño": Solo esta escena del tráiler es realmente de "Brillante"

"Sleep doctor": Only this scene from the trailer is actually from "Sparkly"

"Sleep doctor": Only this scene from the trailer is actually from "Sparkly"

Numerous scenes in the first trailer for “Doctor Sleep” are reminiscent of its predecessor “Shining.” But do they come from this? Only in one case….

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Already in the first comment under our message For the first trailer for “Doctor Sleep,” one user refers to “so much footageWhat he supposedly claims to have done in the trailer. But is it really so? No, only one scene in the first teaser trailer actually comes from the legendary Stanley Kubrick classic “Shining,” the sequel to “Doctor Sleep.”

To see this, you have to compare the trailer and the new movie carefully. Then it shows: many scenes are flashbacks of the events of “Shining”, but obviously they were shot again. In the following video, for example, you can see the legendary “Come and play with us“-Watch a scene from the Kubrick classic, in which little Danny sees the Grady twins again.

For comparison, here is the corresponding screenshot of the scene from the “Doctor Sleep” trailer:

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Scene from the trailer for “Doctor Sleep”

It’s immediately apparent that “Doctor Sleep” director Mike Flanagan re-filmed the scene. The twins are much further away from him, Danny’s head is missing in the foreground, the colors are a little different, the emergency exit sign is not illuminated.

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left: “Shining”, right: “Doctor Sleep”.

If you compare other images in the trailer with the original, you will find similar differences. When Danny drives through the corridors of the hotel on his trike, for example, the carpet is a slightly different color.

This image is from the original.

A single image actually comes from the original, as director Mike Flanagan does with his colleagues from Bloody disgusting revealed: the elevators and the torrents of blood in front of them. He only used footage for this scene from the trailer (which of course may mean there is more to the film).

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This is really footage.

Of course, the scenes just shot (and especially room number 237) also refer heavily to Kubrick’s classic, making it clear to Flanigan that his movie with Ewan McGregor as Jack Torrance’s adult son is set in the same universe. that Kubrick’s adaptation – surprisingly enough, it is well known how much author Stephen King hates them and in his novel “Doctor Sleep” he visibly tried to distance himself from Kubrick’s adaptation of the predecessor.

“Doctor Sleep” will be released on November 21, 2019.

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