Modelo esbelto gana ANTM

Slender model wins ANTM

Critics warned during the season’s broadcast: “The top model promotes anorexia and leads girls to life-threatening diseases.”. All the women’s magazines even asked the CW television station to exclude Ann from the castings. “I put Ann on the show because the girl is obviously struggling with her body. I want to support women with each figure.Banks justified his decision for the skinny model with the terrifying waist.

But it turned out very different: Ann Ward was not excluded from the program, She was just named the winner of America’s Next Top Model! The winner repeatedly emphasized not during the season. anorexic but its haunting weight suggests other things. She herself says: “I am very honored at this time. After hearing all these comments that I am too tall or just not normal. “

How about a slim girl like Ann America’s Next Top Model to win?

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