Pereza "El cantante enmascarado": ¡Evidencia y divulgación!

Sloth “The Masked Singer”: Evidence and Disclosure!


In the grand finale of “The Masked Singer,” the sleepy sloth didn’t feel like sleeping at all. Again she surprised with her multi-faceted voice and not only won the season, but caused quite a surprise when she was unmasked!

Stefan Raab was a big favorite as a celebrity behind the sloth, but the audience was miles away. Angela Merkel was even talked about as a potential celebrity.

Programmed, tired and blessed with an amazing voice – this is the sloth. Even if the costume doesn’t reveal too much about the celebrity behind the mask, the clues give even more clues.

These are the previous references to the sloth:

  • He prefers to rest in his hammock.
  • In his dreams he rides the highest wave.
  • The sloth lies in the solarium around – a reference to that complexion of the celebrity?
  • In his video, the sloth repeats the word over and over again “hot” and indicates that there is nothing burn leaves.
  • When asked where he would like to hang out, because you can’t sleep everywhere, the sloth said, preferably At home rest, a possible indication of a ProSieben celebrity?
  • Above all, the appearance of the sloth gave the indication that the celebrity seems to get along very well with Matthias Opdenhövel:
  • In the video, one of the bodyguards plays with one ukulele. Former television face Stefan Raab was known for his musical interludes with his ukulele.
  • He says in the second circumstantial clip about himself that show your talent as a young wild sloth could. Meanwhile, the person stands in a pit of balls and again emphasizes that it is his talent wild but laid back would have shown.
  • The sloth is also sitting across from you. Washing machine, apparently in a laundromat.
  • While explaining that sometimes it’s better to take things easy, you see a man in you FC Barcelona Messi T-shirt crouch in front of the sloth. Is this a celebrity who initially turned down a career in professional soccer?
  • Has his switch turned on “Turbo Sloth” unassembled.
  • When asked by the jury, the sloth replied: “My ukulele has served me well in many ways.” Stefan Raab, is it really you?
  • Also in the third episode there were some clues as to the identity of the sloth: the otherwise quite welcoming sloth said he was the one Love danger would do. Maybe a Specialist?
  • In the video you can also see how the sloth in one Tutu dances. A stuntman with ballet training?
  • Also a Cowboy hat appears in the video.
  • When asked by the jury if he had Spanish roots, he replied: “My heart is Spanish.” In German: My heart is Spanish!
  • In the fourth episode, too, the sloth again emphasizes that he is in the Wave of happiness browse. So maybe the reference to a celebrity who likes to look at you surf table it’s found?
  • In addition, the masked celebrity tells that the show your ticket to new adventures be. Does this confirm the theory that Stefan Raab is hiding under the costume? After all, he was already retiring.
  • Another reference to the former moderator could be the book with the title that can be seen in the clues clip. “Vegetables are my meat” its. As a former butcher, Raab remains a huge meat lover.
  • You can also do a old red phone see. Stefan Raab had exactly one on Viva back then.

Read now

  • The sloth thinks that his real talent For a long time he only slept in it and it was always his dream for himself reinvent.
  • For a long time, the celebrity hung behind the mask in the top of his tree and I missed letting go.
  • His best friend reveals: The sloth is a All terrainthat started early To entertain people. I would like to go to the limit and above all have Fun in the head.
  • Back in the track clip was the Cowboy hat to see. A seemingly important note.

The popular, funny and absolutely musical lazy man managed to prevail over all his opponents and emerge as the winner of the second season of “The Masked Singer.” Shortly before his unmasking, the jury decided mainly in favor of Tom Beck, but they were still not really sure of his many facets. But then redemption: behind the mask was actually the singer and actor Tom Beck. Another hit.

By the way, here you can find all the information about the skins of the second season:

  • The fluffy costume is in a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops.
  • The sloth wears a chain of 200 corozo slices around its neck.

  • After the live broadcast, you can watch the episodes on the ProSieben Mediathek or streaming provider Joyn * look for. There you can also watch all the episodes of the first season and other exclusive streaming offers with a one-month free trial subscription.

Take a look at an overview of all skins again here and heed the suggestions:

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