El Asistente de Google admite una cantidad increíble de dispositivos inteligentes para el hogar de más de 5.500 marcas

Smarthome with Ikea should improve a lot

The Google Assistant supports an incredible number of smart home devices from over 5,500 brands

Ikea wants to invest more resources in the smart home area. Something was discussed in an interview about new products and additional improvements.

Ikea has been quite hesitant about smart living in recent years. Time and again there were delays with the market launch of various products, software development was complicated, and the smart hardware portfolio is still very manageable today. However, the Swedish company has now recognized that more resources must be invested in the smart home issue. This should be possible with new products and better software.

Ikea wants to simplify smart home products and software

The smart buttons were already confirmed in a conversation with The Verge. This means that scenes can be run at the push of a button, without any app or voice control. A push of a button could, for example, turn off the light and raise the smart blinds. Or vice versa. Such things are possible with him. This button should cost less than € 10 when available in Spring 2020.

Additionally, Ikea is committed to offering much simpler and more intuitive software starting next year. Setting up new hardware and using existing devices should be much more convenient. Details have yet to be revealed, they have only been shown to the journalist on the site.

Ikea 2.0 video