Redmi K30 Pro está en camino: tiene el último chip de gama alta a bordo

Smartphone display with 144 Hz: Xiaomi beats OnePlus after minutes

Redmi K30 Pro is on its way: it has the latest high-end chip on board

Xiaomi beats OnePlus just minutes after its event for a 120Hz smartphone display. The Redmi K30 5G should be able to do even more.

Chinese manufacturers like to be compared to the competition, which is why most smartphone events drag on for hours unnecessarily. Each new feature should be compared to a popular manufacturer’s version. Xiaomi is also at the forefront. OnePlus has barely introduced a 120Hz OLED display for the OnePlus 8 Pro than Xiaomi’s high-ranking employee counter with exciting videos. At least in the lab, one of the company’s Android smartphones offers an even higher refresh rate.

Redmi K30 could already reach 144 Hz

The Redmi K30 presented a few months ago should be able to broadcast in its 5G version with 144 Hz. Currently only in the laboratory, but they already offer more than the competition. It’s no coincidence that these posts really only landed online shortly after the OnePlus event. When delivered, the Redmi K30 5G has a 120 Hz display.

Chinese manufacturers are always pretty quick with these ads. Of course, Xiaomi has already responded to foldable smartphones from Samsung and Huawei, but only the others can deliver such devices. Similar to the last case. Xiaomi wants to be able to do more, but it only delivers it in the lab and not to end customers.