Publicidad en software para teléfonos inteligentes: Oppo Realme se aleja de Xiaomi

Smartphone software advertising: Oppo Realme moves away from Xiaomi

We will see announcements in smartphone software on some smartphones from OnePlus’ sister company Oppo, which will be integrated into Xiaomi’s lineup.

Until now, many manufacturers have not advertised software for smartphones. Xiaomi is one of them, for example, and offers “recommendations” in its own smartphone software. Now another manufacturer is going this way for their own low-cost brand after OnePlus commented on this topic as well. Here, however, the paths of the sister companies part, because Oppo also wants to integrate recommendations into its own software on various Android smartphones. There was an official announcement at the beginning of the new year.

Realme: low prices thanks to ads

In Europe, Oppo recently launched Realme, a new smartphone brand. There are particularly inexpensive devices with powerful features that even Xiaomi fans need to look twice. To ensure these low prices, Oppo is opening up another form of monetization with advertising in smartphone software. However, this is done very carefully, only simple banner ads will be seen in some areas of the software. Customers can also disable these “recommendations”.

First of all, we only see advertising on Realme smartphones in two areas. In the Phone Manager applications and in Security Check. Initially, the company will stay away from all other areas of software, at least according to the official announcement a few days ago.

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