Smartphones: HTC apenas da señales de vida

Smartphones: HTC barely shows signs of life

HTC doesn’t seem to dare to attack anymore, the manufacturer’s smartphone departments seem quite lifeless from yesterday.

At least the world of HTC smartphones is slowly but surely coming to an end. There are only a few signs of life from the Taiwanese manufacturer. At least there isn’t much left to see apart from the Vive products. Sometimes the social channels are inactive, the Twitter channel of the economic area DACH has not spoken since October. Dead mouse, as well as the HTC website. At least it hasn’t been accessible by any route for more than a day. You know this mistake, it says on Twitter.

HTC vive only for Vive

But, seriously. Can’t a company of this format get rid of such a mistake right away? In any case, it is very quiet about the former smartphone pioneer, again months have passed without any real news. With the exception of the cheapest Exodus smartphone for crypto nerds, there was only recently the Desire 19. Both are either little noteworthy or only interesting to a very few people. When HTC smartphones appear, they will only be found in the MediaMarkt brochure. Too.

The more time you spend in the country, the less hope there is for a return. Like a phoenix from the ashes. That’s exactly what we want to see, right? Or at least a message about how things should go. HTC’s smartphone department has been on the move for almost two years. At least the part that didn’t take over from Google. The market still has a lot to offer, as the brave manufacturers are showing. Nothing comes from Taiwan. And to be honest, I don’t expect anything anymore.

HTC: Horror Numbers

HTC is shrinking dead or healthy. That is the question. Regardless, 2019 was a terrible year when it came to total sales. Each quarter of 2019 ended with losses. Figures for the fourth quarter are still missing, but they are quite predictable. An operating operating loss for three years. A profit outside of the operating business was the last time in the first quarter of 2018, when Google transferred a lot of money for the partial acquisition of HTC.

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