Xiaomi da detalles: la cámara debajo de la pantalla probablemente sea imposible

Smartphones: the camera under the screen still not possible

Xiaomi gives details: the camera under the screen is probably impossible

In the long term, the front camera will be installed under the screen, but there is no ready-to-market technology yet.

A lot has happened with smartphones in recent years. Today, fingerprint sensors are invisibly integrated into the display and the front camera should flourish as well. The first manufacturers have already shown prototypes in the recent past and they have made a lot of noise. But at first there is probably a lot of noise and little nuts, confirms a high-ranking employee at OnePlus’ sister company Oppo. Last year, Oppo was one of the first manufacturers to introduce the corresponding demo devices. But nothing more can be expected.

The invisible front camera is still a prototype for now

Some manufacturers claim to install the front camera under the screen. For us, as users, it seems that the front camera is integrated into the screen. There are some challenges to this, as Xiaomi explained later in detail. The camera should not be disturbed by the display panel; the display panel should also be as transparent as possible. One seems to be far enough away for the idea of ​​prototypes, but not for mass production. Oppo’s Brian Shen has now admitted this fact.

Therefore, the upcoming Oppo Find X2 does not have an under-display front camera, although this has been a topic of debate in the rumor mill in recent weeks.

“Given the barriers to smartphone production, we are unlikely to see an under-screen camera on # OPPOFindX2. The display in # OPPOFindX2, along with many other industry leading features, will continue to be a central focus for the device. That’s all I can say for now. “

Xiaomi explains the on-screen camera for smartphones