¡El melocotón ahumado es el color de pelo del verano!

Smoky peach is the hair color of summer!

Smoky peach is the hair color of summer!

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Miriam Bektasithe 06/06/2017 | 13:29

After Smokey Gray, Tigereye Hair, and Blush-Bayalage were all the rage, now there is a new hair color trend: Smoked Peach. As its name suggests, it is a smoky apricot shade reminiscent of the different colored skin of a peach. Here we tell you how you can dye your hair in the trendy soft tone.

Do you want a style change for your hair, more color in your life, and blonde highlights are too boring for you? Then the velvety soft peach shade should be right for you. Because the new color trend is due to the faded look, it is not only something for the brave, but almost a must for every fashionista.

Smoky peach hair, never mind!

By the way, the trend was started by Glam Iris, a California hairdresser. Since he posted a photo with a shiny peach head on Instagram, there are not only numerous copycats there. The fresh look is also very popular with beauty bloggers and stars. The beauty of the colorful tresses is the subtle extravagance. The warm nuances cover your hair like a soft veil and are therefore very suitable for everyday wear. Great side effect: the warm tone not only flatters our hair, but also our complexion.

Tips and Tricks for Coloring the Peach Trend

The ideal condition for dyeing smoky peach is light blonde hair. They accept color particularly well and the hue takes on its value. The fresh color mix is ​​created using a balayage technique where light gray, delicate pink and soft orange strands are alternately applied. So the different colors merge and the look looks wonderfully natural. Unfortunately, the peach shade can only be dyed into the hair and not permanently dyed. So feel free to experiment, because the dyeing result will only last for a few washes. If your hair is very damaged, you should give it a regeneration phase before coloring it and giving it intensive care. Because with damaged hair, the color can quickly fade again.

What do you think of the trend color? Feel like reaching for the peach paint pot or do you prefer your natural hair color? We await your opinion, tell us in the comments!

Image source: Istock / Deniskomarov / Kuzmichstudio

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