El procesador del Pixel 5 se renovó como Snapdragon 768G

Snapdragon 865 and 765 introduced: more performance, more graphics, fewer limits

The processor of the Pixel 5 was renewed as Snapdragon 768G

Qualcomm has now revealed all the improvements that the Snapdragon 865 and 765 bring.

Qualcomm has introduced two new processors for future premium smartphones. We will find the new Snapdragon 865 in absolute high-end devices, while the 765 once again represents the premium mid-range. Qualcomm has made a number of tweaks, which goes without saying. However, comparatively little has changed with the 765, as the data sheet shows.

The smaller 7nm frame width is new, which helps efficiency. However, Qualcomm still relies on ARM’s Cortex A76 and A55 cores and tweaks them a bit. A new modem brings 5G and Wifi 6 preparations, HDR10 + and Dolby Vision are included. In the game variant, an additional 15% power is unlocked, in principle the new graphics unit can run 20% longer and consume less power.

Another advantage can be found in the LPDDR4 main memory area, which now supports a maximum of 2133 mHz. 12 instead of 8 GB of RAM is the new maximum.

Snapdragon 865 brings with it a significantly higher jump

Where do we start here? Basically, the 865 is now based on newer Cortex A77 cores, which provide higher memory bandwidth and other advantages for higher performance. They say 25% faster. At the same time, LPDDR5 memory with up to 2750 MHz is supported for the first time. A new camera chip enables 8K video, 4K video at 120 frames per second and, on top of that, 960 frame per second slow motion with no limit weather

The new graphics unit brings a 25% increase in performance and a 35% increase in efficiency. Various additions, some of which are controlled by software, are intended to improve the image and get even more performance out of games. Displays can be fast up to 144 Hz with QHD + and Wifi 6 and 5G provide more power for wireless connections. The AI ​​engine optimization should speed up a lot of calculations.

All in all, Qualcomm optimizes every corner. The first devices from the end of the year will show what we, as end customers with a smartphone, will have in hand. Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola and other manufacturers have long ago announced the first smartphones with the new chips.

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