Notificaciones: el navegador Chrome pronto será menos molesto

So all websites can be darkened in Chrome

Notifications: Chrome browser will soon be less annoying

In the Chrome browser for Android, users can activate a night mode for all websites; short instructions show the way to this function.

For fans of dark backgrounds and night mode, the Chrome browser has a feature that has been hidden until now, but can now be activated. This is a way for the Chrome browser to automatically display all websites in night mode. The generally white background is optically darkened, then other colors are adjusted accordingly. In many cases it even works quite well and reliably, at least on my first samples.

Automatically darken web pages in Chrome browser

The path to the new option is not complicated. First of all, open chrome: // flags in the address bar to access the experimental settings. There look for the word “darken” to get the option “Darken the website checkbox in theme settings” find. Which is now set to “Enabled” via the selection box. Now close the browser completely and restart.

Then open the Chrome browser as described above and now it jumps to your normal settings. The new option “darken websites” should appear in the designs area, which is activated accordingly. From now on, all open websites go dark.

The screenshot below shows that it works quite well for us. Google should soon finally offer this new “out of the box” feature to everyone, if it really works perfectly.