Tan mal aspecto "Chicas muertas"-Estrella Katherine Langford en su nueva serie de Netflix "Maldito" afuera

So bad looking "Dead girls"-Star Katherine Langford in her new Netflix series "Damned" outside

After two seasons of the Netflix hit “Dead Girls Don’t Lie,” Katherine Langford won’t really be there in season 3. This is also supported by her starring role in the new Netflix series “Cursed,” for which now there is a first movie.

Beth Dubber / Netflix

“Dead Girls Don’t Lie” made Katherine Langford an overnight star. In the upcoming third season of the Netflix hit, her character Hannah Baker will likely no longer be part of the party (even if Langford himself left a little back door open for a comeback). Fans of the 23-year-old Australian can still look forward to new material from the Netflix series with her, as we will soon see her as the lead actress in “Cursed.” And that Langford also has an excellent figure as a warrior with a sword is shown in the first image of the fantasy adventure:

This is what “Cursed” is all about.

“Damn” is a New interpretation of the famous Arthurian legend. The attention is not (only) on the famous English legendary figure, but the young heroine Nimue, played by Langford, who has a mysterious gift and one day becomes the tragic mistress of the lake, from which Arthur finally obtains the mighty sword Excalibur. Arthur himself got to know her beforehand when he was a young mercenary.

“Cursed” was created by author Tom Wheeler (“The LEGO Ninjago Movie)” and comic book legend and “Sin City” creator Frank Miller. Parallel to their Netflix series, the two are also working on an associated youth book, to which Wheeler will contribute Miller’s words and illustrations. While the book is expected to appear in fall 2019, we have to wait until early 2020 for Netflix’s version of ten parts of the story.

Before that, Katherine Langford, who recently shot a scene that ultimately fell victim to the scissors in “Avengers: Endgame,” is still in the detective thriller “Knives Out,” the new movie from the “Star Wars 8” director. Rian Johnson. be visible.

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