¡Tan hermosa!  En lugar de ombré, ahora usamos cabello "quemado"

So beautiful! Instead of ombré, we now use “burnt” hair

So beautiful!  Instead of ombré, we now use hair "Burned"

Autumn colors

Ombré is great, but this fall we are looking for a completely different color play in our hair: blue burn!

Why? Because blueburn looks beautifully autumnal, and on the other hand, it doesn’t force us to choose one or two hair colors. The latter is what our ombré look brings. But Blauburn goes better, because here three (!) Hair colors are combined: blonde, brown and red. Hence the name: The term “Blauburn” is made up of “Blond” and “Auburn” (German for “Rotbraun”) together.

With this variety of colors, you can rightly claim that burnt blue really suits all women. Simply for the reason that everyone can decide for himself and for his individual type how many red, blonde and brown components they want in their hair and what shades they should have. Because there are countless options between dark and warm tones and ashy and light shades.

But this is exactly where the important note on burnt blue hair color comes in – you need to let a professional come to you so that the colorful set of highlights on the head does not resemble Lindsay Lohan anno 2003 memory look with strands. thick and inharmonious.

Sorry Lindsay, we still love you!

Not only can a hairdresser tell you exactly which shades of color best suit your type, but can also set blue highlights in such a specific and filigree way that the overall image becomes harmonious.

If the burnt blue look isn’t for you, here are some other suggestions:

And pssst: you may also like toasted coconut hair if you like color gradients on the head!

Are you in the mood for the burnt blue look or do you have red, blonde and brown hair in too many colors at once? Let us know what you think about the trend in the comments!

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