Así será "John Wick 4" destacan claramente de sus predecesores

So shall "John wick 4" stand out clearly from their predecessors

So shall "John wick 4" stand out clearly from their predecessors

“John Wick: Chapter 3” is still running in theaters, but “John Wick 4” has already been announced. As director Chad Stahelski promises, this one will differ greatly from its predecessors in one respect.

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“John Wick 3” is a direct link to the predecessor “John Wick 2” without any jump in time. All in all, about a month of action has passed on the Action series., since three Russian gangsters John Wicks (Keanu Reeves) stole the Ford Mustang and especially killed his puppy Daisy: In this month a personal revenge turned into a whole war that will intensify in “John Wick 4”: Because supported by the homeless association des Bowery Kings (Laurence Fishburne) will now push Wick against his former murderous organization, the Upper House, which controls all organized crime, and the old man (Saïd Taghmaoui) who stands above it all. But before that, you can relax first.

How director Chad Stahelski told his colleagues from Empire revealed on his podcast you have John Wick “Taken as far as possible to the limit“. The previous three films had been so beaten and broken so many bones that it would normally need several years of rehabilitation. We can’t go straight there“Stahelski clarifies regarding” John Wick 4 “ and explains: “John needs a little rest and relaxation!“Stahelski refers to the military term for a rest for soldiers, that is, during a period of time in which they leave the troops to take a complete rest.

That’s why a jump in time makes sense

With these statements it is clear that “John Wick 4” should not directly follow “John Wick 3”, but that first we have a jump in timethat also makes sense. After all, it also gives the filmmaker a chance to outdo himself once again. Now two hit armies face each other with a wounded John Wick in the middle. However, a jump in time could transport us directly to a world in which both parties have recovered and reestablished themselves and, above all, have been powerfully armed.

The King of the Bowery lies a little on the ground. His important confidants were killed, his network shattered, and himself wounded. After a jump in time, he could show himself again as the king of a newly established network and perhaps with new allies from other cities as well. So the creators could allow two much more powerful parts to collide with each other, which fits in perfectly with the ever-larger focus typical of sequels.

John Wick 4 ”will be released in May 2021.

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