SOCIAL MOMS: el hogar digital para todas las madres de Alemania

SOCIAL MOMS: the digital home for all mothers in Germany

SOCIAL MOMS: the digital home for all mothers in Germany

In an interview they tell you what exactly is behind SOCIAL MOMS:

Tanya: The heart of SOCIAL MOMS is the SOCIAL MOMS Community, with which we want to reach ALL mothers: from tied to single women, whether pregnant or experienced mothers, from adoptive mothers to patchwork mothers, mothers who breastfeed and breastfeed with a bottle . Mothers who vaccinate and those who don’t. We want to unite with all mothers across the community and support each other! We want to be the number one point of contact and a digital home, regardless of whether mothers need advice, support, community or support.

Camilla: We can see what that community can achieve in ourselves and in the team we work with. We are all mothers, we understand specific needs and that is what defines us and makes us special. We know the concerns and questions and we can share our knowledge with the SOCIAL MOMS community, from the desire to have children to school enrollment and beyond, and most importantly: we want to convey the feeling #bettertogether – “You are not alone!” . Our focus is clearly on what unites us as mothers and how we can support each other.

Tanya: It not only happens online, but also offline. It is also very important for us to connect mothers in real life. That is why we organize our coffee break events throughout Germany at regular intervals. There, mothers can get more information and exchange ideas.