Sofia Hellqvist se deja sorprender

Sofia Hellqvist is surprised

Baby gender

Thorsten trederon 11/20/2015 | 15:55

The Swedish royal family is plagued with baby fever: After Princess Madeleine gave birth to her son Nicholas in June, Crown Princess Victoria with his Daniel and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden with his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist are still waiting for the birth of their offspring. And the latter in particular seems to be far from nervous: Instead of completely switching to baby mode, Sofia Hellqvist and Carl Philip from Sweden take one last romantic vacation for two.

The union should end soon: in all likelihood, Carl Philip von Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist will be parents for the first time next spring. Now the dream royal couple is having a good time again. This week, the two flew to New York for a quiet last few days in the anonymity of the global metropolis before the pregnancy slowly but surely reached the home stretch. At the airport, however, the long-awaited relaxation did not want to arise. After all, many journalists had gathered there who were mainly interested in one question: What gender will be the first child of Sofia Hellqvist and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden?

Sofia Hellqvist and Carl Philip from Sweden don’t want to know gender

However, Sweden’s Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist owed reporters hoping for a specific answer to this question, and for good reason: the newlywed couple still don’t know if they can expect a boy or a girl. But that’s not all: it seems that both of them only want to know this at birth. “It will be a surprise,” Sofia Hellqvist said cheerfully when she arrived in the United States, according to People magazine. In any case, the pregnancy seems to be doing the 29-year-old well, so she can survive the voluntary waiting period well: “It feels great.”

Sofia Hellqvist and Carl Philip from Sweden get tips

The couple doesn’t have to worry too much anyway. After all, Sofia Hellqvist and Carl Philip von Sweden are in the palace with Madeleine and Victoria, two seasoned mothers who seem to have some valuable advice for future fathers. “We talked about it,” admitted Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. “But I won’t reveal any details about what they told me.”

Sweden’s Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist still have a bit of time before they have to find their way into their new role. At least building the nest should be a bit more difficult. After all, pink and blue are no longer applicable …

Image Source: Getty Images / Ragnar Singsaas