Sofia Hellqvist es la nueva estrella en el cielo real

Sofia Hellqvist is the new star in the real sky

Sofia Hellqvist is the new star in the real sky

A star has been born

wantedon July 16, 2014 | 10:31

Victory Day, Sweden’s Victoria’s birthday, which was celebrated on July 14 on the island of Öland, should actually be all about the jubilee, but not just her sweet daughter Estelle, but her future sister-in-law Sofia Hellqvist. , Victoria from Sweden literally stole the show!

For a long time, the Swedish people did not exactly sympathize with Sofia Hellqvist. After all, Carl Philip of Sweden’s fiancee had In the past it was more with questionable modeling jobs and an appearance in a reality documentary. because he has made a name for himself with a steep career and exemplary demeanor.

Sweden loves Sofia Hellqvist

The love between Sofia Hellqvist and her beautiful Prince of Sweden couldn’t do any harm And so the two announced their engagement a few weeks ago. Since then, the Swedish people have been turned upside down and Sofia Hellqvist is the new star of Swedish royalty.

Sofia Hellqvist is revered by the Swedish people

On Victory Day, when Sweden’s Victoria’s birthday is celebrated, The beautiful Sofia Hellqvist almost stole the show from the birthday boy. As “BUNTE” reports, supporters of the Swedish royal family who came to Öland in honor of Victoria were Completely scared when Sofia Hellqvist arrived in the carriage with her fiance Carl Philip from Sweden. “Sofia! Sofia, ”cheered her many fans, and even Princess Madeleine and her little family paled. It’s no wonder, after all, that Sofia Hellqvist is beautiful and has also been involved in charities for several years, so there are several reasons to love the black-haired fiancee of the Prince of Sweden.

Sofia Hellqvist is not without reason the new star in the real sky! We too are delighted with the interesting beauty and can’t wait to see her in her wedding dress! Carl Philip from Sweden in an elegant suit, of course, should not be despised either …Image Credit: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND / AFP / Getty Images