Sofia Hellqvist se está convirtiendo en princesa

Sofia Hellqvist is turning into a princess

Sofia Hellqvist is turning into a princess

Future princess

wantedon 01/20/2015 | 11:46

The royal wedding of the year is coming up: On June 13, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden will marry his longtime friend Sofia Hellqvist. And to make her look appropriate in her new role, tailor her appearance accordingly – successfully!

A more natural hair color, understated makeup, elegant evening dresses. Sofia Hellqvist seems increasingly comfortable in her role as future princess alongside Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. And it seems the 30-year-old has a style role model in her own ranks too: Princess Madeleine.

Sofia Hellqvist is becoming more and more a princess according to her rank

Almost ten years ago, most people would hardly have recognized Sofia Hellqvist. When she was young, Prince Carl Philip’s Swedish fiancee was not only a bikini model, but also appeared on a dating reality show on Swedish television. Your appearance: sassy, ​​sexy, and a bit artificial. But the handsome prince of Sweden fell in love with Sofia Hellqvist anyway, and will make her a princess next June.Sofia Hellqvist: Your new style is much more natural

Until last fall, Sofia Hellqvist wore her jet black and mostly straightened hair, which sometimes looked very hard and did not match the playful pastel clothes that the 30-year-old wore to events next to her future. husband, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. wore. However, since September 2014, black hair has been a thing of the past and has been replaced by a natural shade of brown. Instead of using the straightening iron, Sofia Hellqvist now styles her hairstyles with a curling iron. This kind of change really matters a lot: Since then, the look of the beautiful brunettes has been much more noble and appropriate for her future role as princess. There is no denying the fact that she is also reminiscent of the styling of her sister-in-law, Princess Madeleine, but she already admitted last October that she gets along very well with Sofia Hellqvist.

We also noticed Sofia Hellqvist’s positive rate change and found her extremely positive. The more natural style of 30-year-olds flatters their type and completes dreamy robes, like the magenta sequin tunic that Sofia Hellqvist wore when she received the Nobel Prize. We are excited to see what the future princess will look like on her wedding day. Until then we have to be patient a little more …

Image Source: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain