Sofia Hellqvist presenta su panza

Sofia Hellqvist presents her belly

Sofia Hellqvist presents her belly

First photo

Anne Lüftneron December 2, 2015 | 12:22

Sophia Hellqvist’s first child is expected to be born in four months, but the gorgeous Swede was first spotted with a significantly larger belly just days ago. The sweet snapshot was taken while visiting a charity project.

As a former model who was sometimes featured in bikini poses on television and magazines, Sofia Hellqvist has now become one of the most popular members of the Swedish royal family. Shortly after their romantic wedding to Prince Carl Philip, in which it certainly wasn’t just us who cut a tear, the happily married couple announced that they were already expecting children, so the royal family will be two richer babies next time. spring.

After Victoria of Sweden welcomes her second baby in March, Sofia Hellqvist will give birth to her son just a month later. But while the crown princess’s baby bump hasn’t been overlooked for a long time, the 30-year-old’s belly can only be seen for the first time now.

As a favorite of Swedish royalty, Sofia Hellqvist’s duty, but also her need to support charitable activities. One of them is the “Playground Project”, where the first photo was taken, in which the brunette no longer hides her ball.

Sofia Hellqvist is shown pregnant

With a cleverly chosen wardrobe, Sofia Hellqvist has been able to avoid any hint of her stomach in recent weeks, but now the princess seems that she no longer wants to cover anything. After the official confirmation of the pregnancy, the first official appearance of the Swede followed, which leaves no doubt that the happiness of the offspring seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

No more hiding places: Sofia Hellqvist now dresses consciously hugging the figure and shows her new curve. She also chose the perfect occasion for her first tummy shot, because “Project Playground” is aimed at kids for whom the world should be a little better. But we don’t have to worry about the future of the royal offspring.

Image Sources: GettyImages / Ragnar Singsaas (teaser image), Instagram / projplayground