Sofia Hellqvist: El día de tu compromiso fue tan hermoso

Sofia Hellqvist: Your engagement day was so beautiful

Very romantic!

wantedon 01/19/2015 | 10:24

Sofia Hellqvist, the fiancee of Prince Charles Philip of Sweden, actually has the most beautiful day of her life ahead of her: on June 13, the royal couple’s wedding traditionally takes place in the chapel of the royal palace in Stockholm. But it remains to be seen if their wedding day can coincide with the engagement of Sofia Hellqvist and Carl Philip!

Because apparently Carl Philip has already proposed the marriage proposal of his Sofia Hellqvist. put a lot of effort. In the television documentary “The Year with the Royal Family”, which is currently broadcast on Swedish television, the charming ex-mannequin the romantic proposal of the prince of Sweden Carl Philip Reminisce…

Sofia Hellqvist marries a romantic

“You arrived unusually early, which was a bit strange, and asked if we could take a walk to the water,” recalls Sofia Hellqvist in a love interview with her fiancé, according to “” “It was a fantastic morning with bright sunshine and calm waters. Then you asked me if I wanted to marry you. It was the best day of my life!“Obviously, with his unexpected marriage proposal, Carl Philip did what few men do: he really surprised Sofia Hellqvist!

Sofia Hellqvist: romantic proposal by the water

Carl Philip from Sweden also remembers this romantic day as if it were yesterday. “Of course we want to keep the main part to ourselves,” Sofia Hellqvist’s fiance quoted “”, who only wanted to reveal to a certain extent in the television interview: “We were in a place that we love very much, in the country, our country!According to “” the engagement of Sofia Hellqvist and Carl Philip of Sweden is suspected at the Ökenäs estate in the small town of Källvik in Södermanland took place, which Carl Philip inherited in 2008 from his friend, former naval officer Bertil Jonsén, and had it renewed for about 430,000 euros. Access to nearby The handsome Prince of Sweden apparently used the Baltic Sea as a stage to fall to his knees in front of Sofia Hellqvist.. It couldn’t be more romantic!

Sofia Hellqvist was able to experience the marriage proposal that every woman secretly dreams of. Now the June 13 wedding has to be just as perfect. So Sofia Hellqvist is living proof that fairy tales can really come true!

Image source: gettyimages / Pascal Le Segretain