Sofia Vergara haría cualquier cosa por su belleza

Sofia Vergara would do anything for her beauty

Whatever it takes?

wantedon 12/22/2014 | 12:06

In “Modern Family” she is the confident bombshell alongside “Terribly Nice Family” star Ed O’Neill. In real life, Sofia Vergara looks no less attractive, but the 42-year-old is constantly worried about her appearance.

If anyone doesn’t have to worry about their appearance, it’s Sofia Vergara. We would have thought the 42-year-old sitcom actress would get out of bed with her hair perfectly styled in the morning. However, Sofía Vergara also fears for her beauty.

Sofia Vergara would do anything to look young

I don’t want to get old“Reveals Sofia Vergara, who plays” Gloria Pritchett “in the hit series” Modern Family “, now in an interview with” New Beauty “magazine. To maintain her youthful face, the actress would not even shy away from drastic measures: “If they told me, ‘Put cement on your face to stop wrinkles,’ I would!

Sofia Vergara: Always young thanks to a beauty doctor?

Fortunately, Sofia Vergara is far from needing such daring beauty experiments. After all, he’s stealing not only fellow seriesmate Ed O’Neill with his full lips and sexy smoky eyes, but also “Magic Mike” hottie Joe Manganiello. However, the 42-year-old apparently fears that she won’t be able to look like 30 forever, after all, she’s not the youngest anymore: “Young people make everyone look good!” It is stupid that young people end at some point. If Sofía Vergara, like many of her Hollywood colleagues, would consider a visit to the beauty documentary, the actress did not want to reveal it to “New Beauty” magazine.

Unfortunately, the fountain of youth has yet to be found (even if Johnny Depp was pretty close in “Pirates of the Caribbean – Part 4”)! Until then, we have to enjoy Sofia Vergara’s youthful face while we can. Who knows, after Renée Zellweger and Nicole Kidman, the actress could fall into the infamous beauty surgery trap? She didn’t need it!

Image Source: gettyimages / Jamie McCarthy