"Solo: Una historia de Star Wars": El director culpa a los trolls de Internet por el fracaso

"Solo: A Star Wars Story": Principal Blames Internet Trolls for Failure

"Solo: A Star Wars Story": Principal Blames Internet Trolls for Failure

Ron Howard’s “Solo” was far less successful at the box office than the other “Star Wars” films made under Disney. The director now blames the internet trolls.

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Whether it’s “Star Wars 7,” “Star Wars 8,” or “Rogue One,” the first “Star Wars” films under Disney were box office hits, each grossing more than $ 1 billion worldwide (“The awakening of the force ”to more than two billion). With “Solo: A Star Wars Story“However, you couldn’t build on those successes – the movie brought the studio just $ 392 million – and that at an estimated production cost of $ 275 million. If you consider that a blockbuster of this magnitude also incurs horrible advertising costs, you can definitely speak of a financial failure. Director Ron Howard sees the blame on online portals, where the film fared poorly even before it was released in theaters.

Are Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic to Blame?

The director, known for films such as “A Beautiful Mind,” “Rush,” and “In the Heart of the Sea,” has now criticized platforms such as Rotten tomatoes Y Metacritical. “It was particularly notable before the theatrical release. All algorithms registered a sharp drop in the value of ‘I want to see’ and the vote of the fans “Howard said now in the Happy, sad and confused podcast. We’re talking about moviegoers who rarely had the movie on their watchlist and ultimately rated it negatively and not professional critics.

The audience rating in Rotten tomatoes it is currently 64 percent, compared to 70 percent on average for critical votes. the MetacriticalThe numbers are similar: here the movie hits 62 out of 100 possible points.

It is not an isolated case

Howard asked his Silicon Valley friends to explain how those sites work and as a result concluded that the negative (preliminary) votes had a major impact on the final success of the film. By the way, this is not new: In the past, such “trolling campaigns” were a topic over and over again, thereby Rotten tomatoes finally announced that the website rules and the evaluation of the votes would be revised. “Solo” doesn’t help anymore either.

“I don’t take it personally”Howard clings on like a side note, and he doesn’t have to. After all, the two-time Oscar winner has proven himself several times over the past decades that he is one of Hollywood’s greats. You no longer have to prove anything. Also, “Solo” still has a huge fan base who would nonetheless like to see a sequel:

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