Sony Xperia 5 II en liga con Pixel 4: ¿El teléfono inteligente 5G más pequeño?

Sony Xperia 5 II in league with Pixel 4: The smallest 5G smartphone?

Sony wants to make it compact, the new Xperia 5 II could appear in the summer and then bring 5G along with a small screen.

In the second half of the year, Sony should add more and introduce a second Xperia 5, which then also has 5G radio. Another point is exciting, because the screen of the Android smartphone with a maximum size of 5.8 inches could become a very compact device. In this league currently only Google plays alone, with the Pixel 4 and the future Pixel 4a. Only Google smartphones don’t have 5G so far.

Sony wants to offer middle class with 5G

In other words, it means that Sony is planning the first 5G Android smartphone that has a screen with a diagonal of less than 6 inches. The Xperia 5 II (Mark 2) should appear in late summer, at least that’s what the rumors from Asia say. In spring the Xperia 1 II appeared, which, however, has a much larger screen and is in the higher price category. So it is not interesting for everyone.

We may have the option in the fall when it comes to premium smartphones with up to 6-inch screens. Sony or Google. By the way, recently there were leaks only for an Xperia 5 Plus, the original Xperia 5 was available in September 2019.