Acné por espiral

Spiral acne

With a short one Ambulatory surgery Carly put the coil uterus to deploy. Everything went fine until the first two days later Side effects remarkable fact: Carly’s skin changed dramatically and the 20-year-old severe acne. Carly talks about her Youtube Channel:I cried every day. I couldn’t get out of bed. I felt ugly. I was so sad and depressed about the way my face looked.“Of course, it was obvious that the spiral with the Hormones that trigger skin disease. were. But Carly wanted it removed spiral however no, because the beginning was a lot painful state.

But there is everything Medicine It didn’t work and Carly had migraines too, she decided to have another operation. But even after that they disappeared Side effects No. Only after taking the Acne drug “Accutane” She was slowly improving. Today Carly is fine again and due to her cheeky story, she is now a Successful youtuber.

This is what Carly Humbert looks like today, her acne is completely gone: