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Spring Is The Season To Blush – Here’s How To Find The Right Blush And Wear It Like A Pro

Spring Is The Season To Blush - Here's How To Find The Right Blush And Wear It Like A Pro

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wantedon 03/17/2015 | 17:40

Finally we have the rays of the sun, the birds singing, the light transitional jackets and the lunch breaks in the open air – spring is coming. Time to let your face slowly glow with summery anticipation and calm. This works best with fresh red cheeks. Very few people know how to choose the right color and texture for themselves from all the different blush variations and then wear it like a pro. We’ll help you here and in our photo show with tips and tricks on everything related to blush.

Apricot, rose, rust red, terracotta and others in cream, powder or liquid form – there are hardly any limits to choosing the ideal blush for you. And yet the ideal blush isn’t as hard to find as you’d expect.

The right color

In the end, a good blush is aimed at a fresh complexion, certainly cheated. Similar to bluffing in poker, it should be noticed as little as possible. To cut a long story short: when it comes to the blush shade that is ideal for your skin tone, it is important that it comes as close to your natural complexion as possible and can be accepted by the skin without a mask. If you want to be sure, pinch your cheek a bit and compare the natural redness of the cheeks with the red blush.

The effect of colors

Suitable blush colors can be found not only for the skin type, but also by the effect of the makeup and the occasion for which you are preparing. For example, the bright apricot and peach tones convey a lively feeling of being fresh after sports or a cold shower, and their different degrees of brightness adapt to all imaginable skin tones. These light nuances are a nice fresh kick for the exhausted mind, especially during the day. Depending on the skin tone, in addition to apricot and peach, rosewood and rust red are especially suitable for day makeup.

Women with a lighter complexion can dress in the typical Snow White look for the evening and, at best, turn to pink blush. By the way, of course, you can delve into the pot of color at night – artificial light or romantic candle flickering can rob the blush of some of its color intensity. Consequently, terracotta and bronze tones are of course the best little helpers to evoke that holiday feeling on your face with warmer skin tones.

The right consistency

So if we had explained the questions about color first. Still, many secrets remain about the ideal blush. What about consistency, for example? Rouge is available as a powder, compact or loose, as a cream or liquid. For example, experts advise using powder over powder and cream over cream. So if you refresh your complexion in the morning with a tinted day cream, you should apply the blush in cream form, but if you cover your makeup with powder, you should also choose the powder version of the blush.

In principle, powder blush is especially suitable for oily skin, regardless of whether it is tight or loose. Dry, mature skin, on the other hand, gets a moisture boost from the higher-fat cream blush, and the liquid blush is suitable for all skin types to create a smooth, natural flushing of the cheeks. A positive point here: it is resistant to sweat and highly recommended in summer. In the case of liquid blush, which until now has been less common, two drops are enough, apply directly to the skin and then spread quickly with a brush.

Shapes the face with blush

In general, the selective application of blush is not necessarily the most elegant solution for a look of natural beauty, as we expect in spring and summer. Therefore, true blush professionals always distribute their miracle cure for fresh complexion on the cheeks, forehead and chin to ensure an even freshness on the face.

Applied correctly, blush can even flatter the shape of the face, narrow it in some areas, or make it appear wider. We will explain exactly how to use four different face shapes:

Round face

With a round face, it is important to secure more contours. Place the brush under the cheekbone at ear level and shade towards the corner of the mouth and along the temples. With a bit of blush next to the tip of the chin, you can create additional edges.

Angular face

Now the opposite should be done with the angular face. For smoother transitions, apply temple blush over cheekbones and along the chin. Using a large brush, let the blush soften.

Triangular face

Apply the blush to the widest part of your cheekbone and let it flow to the outer corner of your eye. You can create light tones by distributing the brush paint residue along the forehead and on the hairline.

Long Face

In addition to the cheekbones, it slightly accentuates the tip of the chin and the middle of the forehead with a touch of blush, which naturally lets out to the side; this is how the outline is lengthened.

Hopefully we were able to bring some order to the blush chaos and put them in the right frame of mind for next spring. Take a look at our step-by-step tips for managing the ideal blush in your photo slideshow.