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SpVgg meets for general assembly

SpVgg se reúne para la asamblea general

SpVgg meets for general assembly

The general assembly of the SpVgg / DJK Heroldsbach / Thurn eV took place in the sports hall. The report of the board of directors pointed to a positive evolution in the number of members (almost a 40 percent increase in the last five years) and, therefore, more than 1,100 members of the association.

The sports house is being renovated

The main task in the next term will be the energetic renovation of the sports house. The corresponding funding applications have already been submitted to the Bavarian State Sports Association (BLSV). The measures and the corresponding financing plan will be presented in detail at a general meeting.

In the new elections, the board of directors and the members of the association were elected again. The six-person executive board includes: Jrgen Glassl (accounting / member management), Sabine Hoyler (business operations, property / infrastructure), Simone Janssen (sports development), Thomas Marquardt (public relations, sports development soccer), Inge Piroth (representation) and Harald Poer (finance, real estate / infrastructure).

The board is supported by the following advisers: Florian Bhm (properties / infrastructure – spaces), Tobias Ggel (properties / infrastructure – buildings), Jrgen Sauer (properties / infrastructure), Jonas Schmitt (public relations) and Marcel Zbelein (administration member).

Confirmed as department heads: Jennifer Lindenberger (badminton), Marc-Oliver Mideck (darts), Hannes Fee (soccer), Simone Janssen (athletics / gymnastics), Richard Freund (retirees over 60), Carmen Henneberg (tennis) , Reinfried Gwein (table tennis) and Benjamin Kraus (volleyball). In addition to the veteran head of the table tennis department, Richard J. Ggel, handing over his position to Reinfried Gwein after 52 years, the three previous board members, Hannes Bauer, Richard Heinze and Andree Obenauf, were officially retired. Red