Espiando en la escuela

Spying at school

Spying at school

You may be wondering why someone should sneak in a copy of a textbook. After all, you are happy when you can finally close the school books. But textbook publishers are more skeptical, pushing so-called ministries of education this month. School Trojans monitor all school computers.

+ What does the school Trojan do? +

The school Trojan is a special computer program that is supposed to secretly search school computers for pirated copies of textbook content. As soon as you use a school computer, you will be under surveillance and that Suspected of being a pirate. It’s like illegally copying the music of your favorite internet stars.

+ Copyright protection vs. Data protection +

When using the program, all students and teachers are automatically suspected of being a potential pirate. The tracking software is not yet ready for use, but it is already clear that the school Trojan violates data protection and your privacy because know and save your every click.

Sure, schoolbook publishers should also be able to protect themselves against pirated copiers and copyright infringement, as the film and music industry has been doing for a long time. The spy program must be viewed critically, because it works at the expense of your freedom rights.

Is there a discussion at your school about the school Trojan and what do you think of computer monitoring at school? Do you feel spied on or do you find it justified?