Google: Stadia obtiene Touch y otras innovaciones

Stadia: free access available to everyone – 2 months free for professionals

Google: Stadia gets Touch and other innovations

After a long wait, Stadia is finally starting in Germany for interested users, there are even two free professional months for you!

Stadia is now starting in Germany for everyone, because free access is available immediately. In the previous months, only Stadia Pro was available, for which hardware had to be purchased. Now it is different for all German users with a Google account, the company announced. “For this reason, we begin today with the 48-hour rollout that Stadia will make available to players in 14 countries, including Germany.”

Stadia is limited to Full HD in the free version, you must also buy the games of your choice on Stadia. Currently, the image quality is temporarily limited to Full HD. But there is still an interesting point, new customers can Try Stadia Pro for two months for free and thus play games like Destiny 2 and Grid for free initially.

New customers can try Stadia Pro for free